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About Serendipity Realty

Founder and Managing Partner André Golubić created the boutique realty brokerage firm Serendipity Realty in 2002 with one purpose: to make real estate an enjoyable experience for his clients.


Serendipity Realty's team treats clients as individuals with unique needs, and our values center around making sure you feel confident and heard.


With Serendipty Realty, you'll receive a level of attention and understanding uncommon with larger corporate firms. 


You'll also benefit from the technical expertise of a seasoned broker. With an economics degree, nearly two decades of experience in Atlanta real estate investment, and a decade of investment property management under his belt, André blends financial know-how with optimism and honesty so that you feel confident when buying or selling your home.


We believe real estate is fun, rewarding - even a bit magical. So let's grab a cup of coffee and start mapping out your dreams.

When you're working with the right agent, buying and selling your home should feel like you're



   in the right place, 

         at the right time. 



That's our mission.

That's Serendipity.

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